You are struggling to choose the feathers for your dreamcatcher? Natural, artificial, metallic, there is something for everyone. Feathers are the essence of our dreamcatchers by making the link with the spirits. What selection of feathers to choose to make your dreamcatcher?

In the beginning

The art of featherwork was a sacred activity among Native American tribes. Today, there are all kinds of feathers, of different sizes and colors, for our greatest happiness. What feathers should you choose to create a dreamcatcher? 

Artificial feathers ? 

The question arouses our minds when we think of one of the most beautiful steps in creation, that is to say choosing feathers for a dreamcatcher. Nowadays, it is easy to obtain synthetic feathers, made of polyester and more resistant to the vagaries of time.Their colors remain unchanged, even exposed to light. These feathers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Cut, speckled, metallic, multicolored or even decorative with patterns, they add elegance and mystery to the various creations of dreamcatchers.

Natural feathers ? 

Their touch is incomparable to that of artificial feathers and that’s why we all love them. They can be bought either in specialized stores or picked up in the forest or in the countryside for the luckiest ones. In addition, natural feathers do not fear water or humidity and change color according to the light. The main birds whose feathers are so appreciated come from: peacocks, pheasants, owls, magpies, parrots.

In the Native American community, receiving an eagle feather is a sacred distinction. A symbol of peace, they were also used in rituals to capture positive energies and pass them to the Great Spirit. Indeed, since the eagle can fly higher than all other birds, it is a symbol of power and respect.

Protection of birds

In order to preserve the wildlife, it is forbidden to obtain eagle feathers. Therefore, only Native American people can recover them and this, in a spiritual approach. By obtaining a special hunting permit, they have the right to kill certain eagles. It is worth mentioning that special aviaries for wounded species give the opportunity to the Native Americans to recover the precious feathers. Therefore, it is preferable using pheasant or turkey feathers, very similar to those of the eagle. Also, you can dye them as you wish to give them the color you want.

Plain or iridescent, feathers can be chosen according to their own symbolic colors.

Colors and their meanings

  • Red : pleasure, courage, luck, vitality, love and passion
  • Orange: creativity, youth, enthusiasm, success, attraction
  • Yellow: hope, happiness, prudence, radiance, blessing, 
  • Green: stability, growth, nature, harmony, fertility, forgiveness, abundance
  • Blue: spirit, spirituality, belief, protection, calm, responsibility, positive
  • Purple: religion, prestige, luxury, belief, respect, serenity
  • Pink: femininity, playfulness, romanticism, softness, sensitivity, desire 
  • Brown: stability, earth, fertility, warmth, nature, environment, agriculture
  • White: protection, purification, innocence, positive energy, peace, blessing
  • Gray: neutrality, authority, discretion, respect, sobriety
  • Black: sorrow, protection, negative energy, luxury

As you can see, natural and artificial feathers offer a myriad of shapes, colors and materials for the most imaginative designs.

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