The idea of decorating your interior with a dreamcatcher will be a cultural openness and authenticity guarantee. Whether in your bedroom or in your living room, it will blend in completely with the decor! What are the secrets to decorate your walls with these singular objects?

A trendy decorative object combining modernism and tradition

Whether modern or country style, you will probably be seduced by these objects from the Amerindian culture: the dreamcatcher. Braided, made of wool or beaded, the “dreamcatcher” has something to satisfy all tastes. Indeed, the place of the dreamcatcher in today’s decoration is more than present.

dreamcacther decoration

A poetic and romantic touch to your rooms

Ideal in a bohemian chic atmosphere, the dreamcatcher harmonise perfectly into the relaxing atmosphere of your home. Mainly adapted to the bedroom, they can also take place in our living rooms and terraces, bringing conviviality and freshness.

How to decorate your room/your wall with a dreamcatcher? 

According to the legend, it should be installed at window level and east, letting the sun destroy bad dreams. For the defenders of the myth, it will be so. But as far as decoration is concerned, the dreamcatcher can be placed in any room according to one’s desires. To avoid errors of taste, it is important to : 

  • Find a harmony between the wall color and the dreamcatcher style

If the color of your wall is of a clear tint (gray, pastel, beige), opt for a brightly colored dreamcatcher color (yellow, red, blue, green ..) or multicolored. 

Otherwise, if your room is painted with bright colors, choose a dreamcatcher that will mitigate this effect. 

  • Find the right place 

Faithful to the myth ? Install the dreamcatcher near a window of your room. Thus, it will protect you from bad dreams and destroy them at sunrise. 

Otherwise, you can also install the dreamcatcher above your bed. 

Finally, the size depends on the style of the room and your decoration projects. Maintaining a certain fluidity with medium size dreamcatchers is one choice, choosing a large size to highlight it on a wall or in a mezzanine, is another. Let your imagination run free, while having taste! 

dreamcacthers in decoration
A romantic touch with Tirawa dreamcatcher

Declined in all shapes, colors or materials, the dreamcatcher brings a cultural touch to your room. 

We also offer to make you a personalized dreamcatcher, according to your wishes. Don’t hesitate to contact us via our Customized page.

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