Just like most adults, nights can sometimes be very complicated for the little ones. Between nightmares and night terrors, the sleep of the child and his entourage can suffer. Spiritual concept or trendy decoration object, the dreamcatcher is the perfect antidote to your child’s bad dreams. 

What are the benefits of dreamcatchers for our children?

The “dreamcatchers”, which come from the Amerindian culture, protect from nightmares. They can be placed either above the bed or near the window facing the sunlight . Thus, at the first light of the day, the rays burn the “bad dreams” accumulated during the night in the magic hessian.

The children dreamcatcher completes this dimension of benevolence conducive to the embellishment of your little one’s nights.


How to introduce the child to the Amerindian tale?

According to the Huron legend, sharing this ancestral culture is the best way to create a bond of love with your child. Moreover, it is recommended to tell your child the story at bedtime while describing the different parts of the dreamcatcher. Comfortably seated in your rocking chair, seize this precious moment to make your child feel as calm as possible, just before putting him to bed. Comfort him with tender words in his ear. Zen music combined with rocking instantly soothes your child and puts him/her in perfect condition to fall asleep.

What size of dreamcatcher to choose according to the type of room?

There is no real prerequisite for deciding on the best size for the room layout. Select several dreamcatchers of your choice and ask your child which one is their favorite. After all, it’s their room too. As for the choice of the shape, it will depend on the decoration elements of the room among others. The dreamcatcher goes great with pictures, string lights and patterned tapestries. At night, light a small lamp and let the magic happen.


For what special occasions to offer a dreamcatcher?

Offering a children dreamcatcher for a birth or a birthday is a way to send a personal message.

There are “Child” and “”First Name”” models that can be personalized, as well as smaller sizes, adorned with accessories that recall childhood and nature. This personal transmission ensures the continuity of the legend, in particular that of offering this present as a pledge of protection. Back to school, passage to first grade student, baptism, Christmas gift, all occasions are good to please!

In other words, the dreamcatcher is a response to the well-being of the child. Making the link with the dream world, this release creation encompasses the spiritual dimension, whether for personal good deeds or to please others.

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