In a society where everything goes faster, where we are always asked to do more, it is essential to seize the moments of rest by focusing on ourselves. The dreamcatcher represents a wonderful escape from this society under tension. What are the benefits of dreamcatchers on our psychic health? 

Spend the most beautiful night

Disconnection. The keyword to welcome serenity with open arms. It is enough to look above your bed to be guided by the power that the dreamcatcher emanates. Moreover, its influence protects you from bad waves and drives out all the negative energies of the day. It brings you a peaceful sleep and a peace of mind additionally. 

The Medicine Wheel 2.0

The Native American vision of the circle revolves around the medicine wheel, also called the “shamanic wheel”. It allowed man to refocus on himself by praying, meditating and strengthening his connection with nature. Moreover, the dreamcatcher is closely related to this medicine wheel and represents a continuity in our relationship with the macrocosm. Today, this medicine wheel aims at restoring the lost connection with nature, which would be the cause of the origin of the ills of men on the planet.

benefits dreamcatcher

Meditation as a remedy

To compensate for this loss of meaning, meditation appears to be the key to personal fulfillment. It is at the same time a physical, mental, psychic and spiritual way of life. Lasting 10 to 45 minutes, evening meditation encourages gratitude and enjoying the present moment. Similarly, surrendering to relaxation can be life-saving for anyone suffering from anxiety or insomnia. While doing this practice , we can stand under the dreamcatcher and look at it from time to time. The breath guides us step by step to the calmness which is the center of our society. In addition, essentials phrases of self-confidence can be said out loud or in one’s head, as you wish:

  • I am grateful to be alive
  • Have empathy for others who share my life but also for strangers I met today
  • Don’t wait for the judgment of others to feel beautiful and well in my body and in my head
  • I like myself
  • On top of that, try to be always listening to others and to be altruistic as much as possible

The dreamcatcher allows us to disconnect for a few moments at any time of the day. In the same way, a glance is enough to dive back into your dreams and take the time to do nothing, sit down for 5 minutes, lie down, imagine yourself flying, or at the water’s edge, in another country….. the list is not exhaustive!

The benefits of dreamcatchers and our relationship to others

Lately, due to the health crisis, our relationship with others and with the world in general has unfortunately been very impacted and this has caused lack, anxiety, anguish and losing touch with reality. Because our accomodation has become our cocoon, the presence of dreamcatchers acts as a bulwark against the ambient malaise. We can either create them for ourselves, or offer them as a calming gift . Thus, this transmission is the essence of the spiritual meaning of dreamcatchers.  Its spiritual origins plunge us into another universe. And it is with relief that we let ourselves be carried away by our imagination, with each glance towards this mysterious object.

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benefits dreamcatcher

To summarize, the benefits of dreamcatchers are multiple and essential in our world today. Soothing, meditation, relaxation, daydreaming… these artistic shamanic wheels provide as much pleasure for the eyes as for the mind.

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